Research Center for Theater and Performance Studies
Director  | Katherine Chou      Department  | English
The Research Center for Theater and Performance Studies was formed in 2000, supported by the Department of English and its faculty members including Prof. An-kuo Tseng, Susanna Kuan,Wenchi Lin and Jerome Li, with Katherine Chou serving as the director. The Center seeks to advance the study of theater and performance across disciplines and schools, and to promote the use of integrating technology into teaching materials and academic resources.
Contemporary Visual Art Center
Director  | Wu Fan Cheng      Department  | Graduate Institute of Art Studies
Centre du Cinema et de la Culture des Pays Francophones (CCPF)
Director  | Liu Kuang Neng      Department  | French
Film Studies Center
Director  | Wenchi Lin      Department  | English
Founded by Professor Wenchi Lin from the Department of English since 1998, the center offers basic and advanced courses on film, as well as numerous events and publications (books and online) to support professional training and explorations of film culture. With the center's massive visual-audio collection and the state of the art facilities (classrooms, screening rooms and a mini movie theater) the center is committed to both the preservation of and access to resources for the scholarly study of cinema.
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